How can we use the Verification Email (Code) template?

Problem statement

Can you advise where can I enable the Verification Email (Code) template, this feature is not working for me at the moment, and the email is not being sent (there is no template toggle to turn it on).

Additionally, I have read on the forums that verification (code) works only for edge cases and should not be used instead of verification (link) which is not a desired behavior for us. We would much prefer for it to be used to verify their account through a code sent to their email instead of a link.


Email verification with code isn’t intended for the regular email verification flow.

The Verification Email (Code) template was added to handle the following cases:

  1. During adaptive MFA when Auth0 detects the user risk level is higher than a certain threshold.
  2. During adaptive MFA when the user is not enrolled with an MFA factor.
  3. Email verification flows with Azure AD/ADFS. (See Email Verification for Azure AD and ADFS)

For regular email verification, you can only use magic links.