Email Verification (using Code) possible for Auth0 Database connection?

Hi all!

For our Azure-AD connection we’re currently using the email verification setting, which in turn uses the new Email-template: Verification Email (using Code).
As this triggers a possible email-verification during login, rather than an out-of-bounds magic link, this would really help verifying our current accounts of which most are still ‘pending’ while maintaining a proper UX flow. Having to block login or redirecting to a holding page is much less friendly than this one-time Email MFA to verify.

I’ve been searching all over but couldn’t find any extra information on this, besides the AzureAD/ADFS implementation.

My question is two-folds: Can verification based on Code be accomplished currently for Database connections? And if not, if there any indication on if/when this will become available?


Hello @rvdberg,

Welcome to the Community. As far as I know, the only option for verifying someone’s email address (setting email_verified: true) is via the verification email flow. There is no option to do this with a code (code to email, code to SMS, etc.) You could potentially build such a capability yourself, but it is not available within Auth0 today.

What I can advise here as well is filing in a feature request using our product feedback form:

Hey @markd and @konrad.sopala,

thanks for the response!
The thing is that the feature is now actually available and we’re currently using it for the AzureAD connection.
It’s only shown by enabling the setting in tenant settings.

I’d imagine more admins would be looking into this feature and would hope to use it not just for Enterprise Connection but also for the Auth0 Database Connection since it’s such a UX improvement.
Biggest improvement with this flow could be the ‘allowLoginAfterSignup’, now email verification could be done directly.

I have a small update on this, as now the feature is being described in the subtext of the email template.
Added a screenshot of this.

I’ve done a lot of experimenting, but I’m not able to trigger the Code verify through Adaptive MFA and neither though ‘enabling’ this for signup of first login.

The only flow that currently does trigger the Verify by Code is the AzureAD - first login flow.

Does anyone have more information on the feature and how we could trigger this? (possibly even by a Rule).