How can we check sso is working fine

how can we check that sso between two apps happening perfectly? without pushing it to prod. Right now I am opening two different apps using the same auth0 config when I m logging in to localhost:4200 and after getting logged in and as soon as I open localhost:3000 it logges me in instantly. So will this thing will also work with and

yes, but if you want to be sure try to deploy your development website to some other URL (stagging mode) to be sure.

To check whether the application server accepts logon tickets, call transaction SSO2 and execute it without any parameters. Allows the server to accept an existing logon ticket. Import the Java certificate into AS ABAP. Log on to the Integration Server (for example, in client 100) and call transaction STRUSTSSO2.

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!