How can I test breached-password detection, not the email template

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Before creating this topic, I searched for my question here and on google and no success.
Only this topic is relevant, but although it’s closed, I couldn’t find the answer in the link suggested by @jerdog
Anyway, I’d like to specify my question. I want to test our application and how it behaves for a user, whose password was leaked.
By the way, the following text from here seems to be outdated (or maybe I don’t get it clearly):

You can customize blocked account emails. To test, enter the email address and password Paaf213XXYYZZ, and select a connection type. Click Try.

I don’t know where should I enter the password. And as I wrote, it helps (without the password) to test the configured template, not the integration of breached password detection with our app.

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Hey @rockchild

Yes Its not very clear in this link but the test email and password to test breached-password detection are mentioned in this link as you highlighted:

To answer you question regarding the test:
Via Auth0 dashboard you can create a user on your db connection using the above email and password.
Dashboard -> Users-> Create Users -> Enter the above details and select your connection.

After that you can try to login on your app with that connection enabled and breached-password detection enabled you will see an error on your universal login page, if you login with the above credentials.

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Thanks! I didn’t know you have to create it first. Perhaps, it should be mentioned in the doc.

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