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How can I disable the login when testing locally?


Is there a way to disable the login when working on my Angular app locally?
Each change in my app re-compiles the code, so I have to log in again every time before seeing it.

Is there a better way to do that when working locally?



Hey there @remivincent!

Have you had a chance to go through this article?:

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Hi @konrad.sopala,

Yes, I have. But unless I didn’t understand it (which might be the case, since I am a beginner here), there wasn’t anything related to what I am looking for.

I am able to work with auth0 locally, no issue here, but I was wondering whether I could disable it temporarily to avoid logging in every 30s after each change.


Then I need more context from you. What parts of our stack you use, language, SDK / framework etc so I can advise you best!

I am building my dashboard with Angular 7+.

To add authentication, I followed your Angular:Login tutorial for a single page app.

Thanks a lot for providing that context. Let me discuss it and get back to you soon!

Regarding the requirement you gave unfortunately we do not support offline access.