Reload Angular page causes user to login again

I’m using @auth0/auth0-angular v ^1.3.1 to implement Auth0 inside my Angular SPA. I’m trying to make the user’s session sticky so if the app reloads the user is not taken to login. I found a similar question below:

I downloaded my sample app and ran it locally. It too forces the user to login again when the sample app reloads in browser.

Is it possible to make user’s authentication sticky using @auth0/auth0-angular v ^1.3.1?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @tom.schreck,

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Does this happen when you sign up using a database connection (provide an email and password on the login form)? Or does it only happen when you log in with Google (or another social connection)?

If it’s only with social connections, then it could be because the app is using Auth0 developer keys instead of your own Google developer OAuth credentials.

If that is the case, here are the docs for configuring a Google social connection:

Hi @stephanie.chamblee. It’s happening with social connection (Google). I does not happen with passwordless connection.

Your link solved my problem. I had not setup Google. It was still using Auth0’s developer keys. Thank you.

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