Auth0 Angular Sample login not persisting

I’ve downloaded the example angular app( from your github and was following along with the quickstart guide( but the login does not persist on refresh. I am aware of this Login not being persistent after refresh, even in sample angular project issue and the user mentioned that there shouldn’t be any / at the end of the URLs. I made sure of that, but I still have this issue. What else am I missing? Is this a problem with the sample code or my app configuration in the Auth0 dashboard?

I also saw this: Persisting login session on Angular app reload but there wasn’t any resolution.

I also notice some strange behavior, if I log in using google SSO it logs in fine but also disappears on refresh. But if I login using a standard user name and password, it disappears on refresh but hitting the login button will not take me to auth0 login screen, it’ll log me in right away. In both cases the login does not persist on browser refresh, but they have different behaviors upon clicking the login button again.

Furthermore, I tried using the “SampleAuth” application that comes together by default when you create a new Auth0 account. I’m experiencing the same issue with that. I was trying to figure out if it was a configuration issue in my Auth0 settings but still no luck. How can I make the sample angular app work?