Cannot restore login state after a refresh

I’m trying to integrate the Angular SDK into my application. But after following the steps in the quickstart instruction page(, it doesn’t automatically log me in after refreshing the page. Does anyone know what could be the cause?

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What I would suggest to handle this issue most effectively is to open a GitHub issue in the repo that is referenced in that quickstart and let maintainers know about what steps they need to take to reproduce the issue as well as providing as much info and context as possible. This way I think we will handle that quickly! It will be also great if you can share a link to the GitHub issue here in the thread

Hi I solved it by adding the correct url into Allowed Web Origins. I have another question: what is the expected behavior after a page refresh when the user’s already logged in? What my app is doing is: show the login button, and the user needs to click login button, then the user will be logged in without needing to provide username/password. Is this the expected behavior? thanks

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Thanks a lot for sharing that and glad you were able to figure it out! Can I ask you to open another topic for the other question you have? This way it will be easier for others to track that! Thank you!