Angular reruns loginWithRedirect constantly

I have upgraded an Angular app to the latest Angular 15 and am using @auth0/angular-jwt: 5.0.2 and @auth0/auth0-angular: ^1.10.1
With the old version 10 Angular, the app would automatically log you in by the AuthGuard around the default route.
If you try this with the latest version, it looks like you logged in but you get an opaque token, not a jwt so can’t verify the login.
So, it seems I need to use loginWithRedirect which returns a jwt, good. The problem is that it works fine if I bring up a page and click login to run this function, but if I try to do it automatically by the ngOnInit() function, it logs me in, goes to the redirectUri page correctly, but then goes back to Auth0 for another round of logging in.
I can’t understand why you need to click a button and can’t just hide this action. I don’t need a page with a button beforehand. I tried the ngAfterViewInit() as well with no luck.
I can’t see how I can automate the process of logging in with Auth0.

Hey there Greg!

I would encourage you to discuss it directly with the SDK maintainers by raising a GitHub issue in the SDK repo as it seems like the most effective way of figuring that out. Once you have a link to it you can share it here and we will ping them. Thank you!