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Using Auth0 Universal Login WITHOUT SSO


I’m trying to set up a single page Angular 2+ app with Auth0 and Universal Login without single sign-on. I’m following this guide. It says:

  1. Enable SSO for the application in the Dashboard (Go to the Application’s Settings, then scroll down to the Use Auth0 instead of the IdP to do Single Sign On setting and toggle it on.
    That’s pretty clear, but for some reason the option is already enabled, and the switch/control is not clickable. I am unable to disable the option, and I can’t see why.

How can I disable SSO for an Auth0 application?


Are you talking about the Last time you logged in with screen? Or are you automatically getting logged in? In any case, you can use prompt: 'login' to always prompt for credentials


That’s not to do with my question at all.

I just want a hosted login, but I do not what to use a single sign-on. I do not want my users to be presented with a screen/modal that asks them to approve my application’s use of their email address and profile.

Is that possible?


Ah, ok. Sorry. That’s not called single sign on. That’s called a Consent page. You can read more about this here: You can only skip the consent page for first party clients, so, if you have one, you can skip that:

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Great info, thank you!

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