Hiding social connections for enterprise connections?

Is it possible to hide social connections from the hosted login page for enterprise connections?


  1. Someone enters “name@example.com
  2. Example.com is part of an enterprise connection
  3. The “Login with Google” social connection disappears

Hi there!

Here you can find all the info on how to customize your Lock: https://auth0.com/docs/libraries/lock/v11/configuration .

When it comes to hiding appropriate social login button when someone types in the email with some specific domain, you can use custom login form and code the login widget behaviour you would like to have. Go to the link I provided and above the code window tap on the arrow on the right of DEFAULT TEMPLATES and there go to custom login form. However if you want to do that be aware of this: https://auth0.com/docs/libraries/when-to-use-lock

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