Hide enterprise connections in Universal Login

Is it possible to hide the enterprise connection login on the Universal Login dialog based on conditions?

We would like to show an enterprise connection only to the customers who are applicable - maybe via a custom domain. Is there a way to not show the enterprise connection in the dialog, unless you visit a specific url?


Hello @georg.ikegps !

While not exactly possible as far as I’m aware (New Universal Login at least), it sounds like you might be interested in Identifier First Authentication - This is of course a bit different than just conditionally hiding/displaying connections, but it might be something to consider for your use case:

Hope this helps!

Thank you! I’ll have a look.
I am also wondering if we can model that with Organizations. Where we have a catchall org and a specific one that has the enterprise connections.

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I can definitely see how this could be handled with Organizations + Connections as well. I’m going to mark my previous response as the solution to this topic in particular, but if you have more questions feel free to open up another topic.


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