Hide Certain Login Options for Specific Application

I’m looking for a solution/recommended approach to hide user identifier input within universal login for one specific application. The intended login experience, for this application only, is a user should only use an Enterprise Connection’s button and all other options shouldn’t be usable/visible.

Is there a preferred way to accomplish this?

Hello @nathan-burkett , thank you for visiting our Community!

You can manage connections for the specific application, by going to the Auth0 Dashboard → Applications-> this specific app → Connections → enable the enterprise connection (toggle the button) and disabling all the others.

After doing so, please let me know if the login experience for the app is as desired or if there are any follow-up questions.

Hey @marcelina.barycka

In the past, this specific application had all its connections disable except for one. And its Enterprise Connection button was the only option showing for login.

Now that we’re enabling identifier-first login flows in certain tenants, the application that previously showed a single Enterprise Connection button for login is now showing the email identifier input.

Is there a way to continue to use the single Enterprise Connection button but disable/hide the global email identifier input?

Hey @nathan-burkett ,

Thanks for specifying your request👍🏼

If so, please navigate to your Enterprise connection in the Auth0 tenant, to its Login Experience settings, and mark the option to display connection as a button:

This results with the following Login Page screen:

I can think of one more option for the flow, but first, please let me know if that works for you or if you have any follow-up questions on this topic.

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