Hide 'close' button

Hi, currently I am using this ember-simple-auth-auth0 for my login, and I want to remove this close button here:

I saw in the doc, there is a property call closable, I can set it to false and it works, but it does not autoclose after login successfully. Any pro tips ? Thanks

Hey there @hoangtrinh, welcome back! Let me see if I can find out some more details for you on this. Thanks!

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Hi @James.Morrison, found anything mate ? :frowning:

Sadly at this point I don’t have have a work around for you but I will continue to keep this topic open here while I keep asking around to see if there’s any other path forward, thanks.

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@James.Morrison nw mate, I will have to trick with JS :frowning:

Sounds like a plan, if I find anything else I will be sure to relay. Thanks!

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