Help to store user data until signup on WordPress


I’ve got a alcohol product catalogue website that requires a age gate before entering the website. I would like to know if auth0 can store the user cookie of passing the age gate until the user completes the signup process to his account in auth0. I’ve tried the WordPress plugin by auth0, but it only replaces the WordPress default login with auth0.

Hi @webservices2,

I’m not too familiar with how this would be implemented on WordPress specifically, but we do have documentation for gathering required profile info after signup:

If you are only using a database connection, then you can use the Classic Universal Login Experience and customize the Lock template to include additionalSignUpFields for collecting the user’s age. You could then use a pre-user registration hook to prevent the user from signing up at all: Pre-User Registration

Here is additional info about setting up a custom signup process: Custom Signup

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