Wordpress and Auth0


I have a question about Wordpress in combination with Auth0. There is a plugin for this (Login By Auth0) that I am currently using.

What I would like with Wordpress and Auth0:

We are building a website where employers and job seekers can find each other. Both the employer and the job seeker can create a profile on this site.

Now we would like the users to register and log through Auth0 and be able to use the profile. For an employer, these are vacancies that can be stored in a wordpress database. The situation is different for the job seeker. This data is more sensitive and must be in an external encrypted database.

A users registers with the wordpress website and selects whethere he is employer or employee. Wordpress then asigns that role to the newly registered user. In the standard wordpress login this is relatively easy to implement but I’m having trouble trying to find a good way to implement this with the Auth0 login page in between this process.

The procedure is then as following:

Person X comes to the website (Wordpress), he registers or logs in via Auth0. Auth0 registers or sees which role person X has and passes this on (JWT) to the website (Wordpress) and retrieve the data from the external database via a token (JWT).

Is this correct and is this the way?

The setup is then:

Wordpress + External Database + Auth0

My questions are:

Can the Login menu of Auth0 be adjusted in such a way that it can be given the option that the person who registers can indicate that he is an employer or job seeker?

So Is there a way for a user to select his user role through the login page of Auth0?

And is this role visible in the user management / Users / Raw JSON.

Thank you in advance for answering these questions/tips.

Greetings from the Netherlands