Having 'auth0.webAuth..." go to next screen immediately on credentials returned.


We are developing a React Native Android/iOS app for a client, using your Auth0 API.
We are using your Auth0 auth0.webAuth... Our issue is, once the credentials have been returned, we want it to go from your Web Auth0 screen to the next Home page screen, which is how we have it in our code for returning the JWToken credentials.

Instead, however, when the credentials are returned, it goes back to the “Sign Up or Login” screen for about a half a second, then it finally goes to the Home screen we wanted it to go after your Auth0 Web login screen. You can see this in this Gif, here —

Login in movie gif with Auth0 webAuth screens

If the above GIF does not show up, go to: Dropbox - Error

Here is the code we’re doing to make this happen in this section —

  _onPress = () => {
        scope: 'openid profile',
        audience: `https://${Auth0Credentials.domain}/userinfo`
      .then(credentials => {
        this.setState({ accessToken: credentials.accessToken })
      .catch(error => console.log(error))

…So is there anything we could be doing differently to make this happen so we do not see the previous “Sign Up or Login” screen, but it goes straight to the Home screen? Please let us know and thank you in advance for any help with this.


— faddah wolf

 portland, oregon, u.s.a.

To my best knowledge, there is no way to go straight to the next screen, since after authenticating with Auth0 your app will receive the [callback] (Auth0 React Native SDK Quickstarts: Login) which opens the screen that was open before authentication and carries on with the .then(credentials => { ... } block.

Ok, thank you then. Understood.
— faddah wolf

 portland, oregon, u.s.a.