HAR File is too Large to Upload to the Support Case

Problem statement

This article details how to manage a HAR file that is too large to upload to the Support Case.


When a sanitized .HAR file exceeds the file limit, and an error is given of

Error: the file is too large, the maximum accepted size is 10 MB.

Use the following steps as a workaround to upload the file:

  1. Click on the Download sanitized file link to download the sanitized version of the file
  2. The sanitized file will be named _redacted.har
  3. Compress the _redacted.har file as a .zip file. Make sure you only include the redacted HAR file, not the original HAR file.
  4. .HAR files have a high compression rate, so the resulting .zip file is unlikely to exceed the limit.
  5. Attach the zipped file (_redacted.zip) to the case.

Error Message Reference

Error adding <filename.har>: Error : The file is too large, the maximum accepted size is 10MB. Download sanitized file (xx MB)

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