Hacktoberfest in Ranchi Meetup


Event Name: Hacktoberfest in Ranchi

Type of Event: Meetup

Expected Audience: 30

Event Date: Oct 10, 2018 10:00 PM - 02:00 PM

Location: Ranchi, Jharkhand, India


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APAC (Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania)

Meet-up: Hacktoberfest in Ranchi

Twitter: @auth0ambassador

Meet-up Info
It’s Hacktoberfest 2018! We are organizing a meet-up to educate people on how to contribute to Open Source projects and talk about #hacktoberfest

Budget Required: 25 Coffee + for Snacks


What is the estimated budget in USD required for the coffee and snacks?

Thanks @ado

Coffee would cost around USD 2.80 X 25(people) = 70.00
Burger would cost around USD 1.35 X 25(people) = 33.75

Total budget: USD 103.75

Payment will be made before or after the meetup?

Hey @shahbaz17 - preferably after the meetup if you can send the receipts of the costs. Tony mentioned that we were having some issues with our credit card causing some delays in booking. Will that work for you?

Yup. Perfectly fine.
Thanks for the update.

I can send you the money via Paypal @shahbaz17, and you can send me the receipts after the meetup.

I can do that @diego.poza
You have my PayPal details.

Hi @ado @diego.poza meetup went well. We talked about #hacktoberfest and Open Source in general. Also shared the projects available to work on.

We have decided to meet again after 10 days so that we can keep track of the contributions. So, it will be the second phase of the meetup where there will more participants involved.

I am also going to talk about the same agenda on upcoming Youtube Live video, where the participants attending the second phase won’t feel left out.

I will submit the detail report once the second phase is complete.

To be able to organize second phase, I would be needing few more dollars. So, do you approve that?