Developers! Come join us Online December 20 for an Identity & Security Meetup

Greetings Developers!

Our next Identity and Security Meetup is happening online on Wednesday, December 20. Come join us for an informal online experience that will help you level up your identity and security knowledge.

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Identity and Security Meetup - December 20, 2023 (Online)

:postal_horn: Session 1: Secure Micro Frontends

:speaking_head: Speaker : Seiji Ralph Villafranca
Graduated Cum Laude with a degree of Bachelor of Science In Computer Science at University of Santo Tomas. A Senior developer based in the Netherlands, a Microsoft MVP, Auth0 Ambassador and one of the Community Leaders of Angular PH who is involved organizing tech meetups, mentorships, and has written tutorials in his own website , he is a speaker in several meetups, in local and international conferences that focuses on JavaScript development, and Microsoft products, and also a book author for full-stack web development.

:postal_horn: Session 2: Ask our Identity Experts - Carla Stabile

:speaking_head: Speaker : Carla Urrea Stabile
Carla has been working as a software engineer since 2014, particularly as a backend engineer and doing system design. She considers herself a language-agnostic developer, but if she had to choose, she would like to work with Ruby, Python, and Elixir. After realizing how fun creating content and sharing experiences with the developer community was, she switched to Developer Advocacy. She likes to learn and work with new technologies. When she is not coding or creating content, you can probably find her going on a bike ride, hiking, or just hanging out with my dog, Dasha.

Hosts: Developer Advocates for Auth0 by Okta, Daizen Ikehara, Pradheepa Pullanieswaran

In case you missed it, worry not! We have a recording for you to watch at your leisure here: