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Guardian notifications no longer working?



Guardian on Android

When logging in I am no longer getting push notifications in Guardian. If I open Guardian there’s a message there about a pending approval, but I have to open Guardian to see it.

Found out a couple days ago that a co-worker is having the same problem. Is this a known issue?


What version of Guardian are you using?


Version 1.5.0, and notifications and enabled for the app. Restarting the phone (Galaxy S8, Android 8.0.0) does not help.


Is it possible for you to get me a logcat? If so, please send to me via DM. If you’re not sure how to get a logcat let me know.


Happy to do that. Not sure how.


This is a write-up from Google -

However, this is probably easier to understand:


I’ll give this a shot.

Additional details: if the Guardian app is open (and active, as in I am actually “in” the Guardian app at the time), then everything works as expected: Status bar notification pops up, Guardian immediately asks to approve / deny the request. It is only if Guardian is not open (even if in the background but not active) that I do not get a status bar notification and if I then open Guardian afterward there’s simply a message about outstanding requests at the bottom of the app.


Thanks - we’re reviewing


We have identified this as an issue and are looking into it - as soon as I have an idea of a timeframe I will let you know.


Notifications appear to be working again. I’m running 1.5.1 now.


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