Guardian MFA No Notifications on Samsung


Since about last week, I’ve no longer been getting the MFA notifications from guardian when logging into on my Samsung S10.

I was asking around the office, and two colleauges have the same issue, also Samsung, one S9 and another also using the S10.

Anyone else having such issues?

Hi @jola,

It looks like you aren’t the only one. This was recently discovered and reported to our product team. Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA on a fix.

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Do you think this one is related? In this case notifications do come through, but only if the app is already open :thinking:

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Mine is to log in an application. That’s on a Pixel3. Tested with an Iphone and it worked. Might be an Android issue.

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Yeah, seems the same. If the app is open, the notification does appear as well.

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Allright, thanks for the reply.

Is there any official thread i can follow to recive updates?

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Not at this time, this would be the closest thing to an official thread. I’ll update here when it is fixed or I have an ETA.