Guardian app push notification not working

The push notification for MFA on the android app only works if the app is open. Haven’t tested on Iphone.

Seems to be exactly the same issue reported a couple years ago here Guardian notifications no longer working?

Could it be a misconfiguration on my side? It used to work fine before. Already reinstalled the app and reset MFA. Same issue.


Hey @vics! Welcome back! :wave:

It would probably involve some investigating.

First thing that came to mind — is there any chance that background app refresh is turned off for Guardian app on Android? I don’t have an Android device, unfortunately, but there must be some equivalent of this setting. On iOS, I just checked, push notifications work as expected with my test tenant, so it maybe worth it to look into your tenants settings. You can PM me your tenant name and I’ll try to figure out if something’s off.

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Worked with an IPhone. I looked for background settings but didn’t find anything.

Yeah, looks like there might be an issue that’s specific to the Android app. Looks like there’s a bunch of similar reports since the last update a couple of weeks ago. I see that the team is aware of this. I’ll be tracking their progress and will let you know as soon as there’s news to report.



Any news yet? Our users are also experiencing a lot of problems because of this issue.

It’s been fixed, going through some final steps before pushing to the Play Store. Thank you for your patience!


Hey folks!

We just pushed the update to the Play Store. Could you please upgrade to this new version and let me know if you experience any issues with push notifications?


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