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Guardian Hosted Page Logo Customisation by Subdomain


I’m a bit unclear on this. Is it possible to determine the origin of a login request so the logo on the Guardian hosted page can be customised based on the subdomain?

Eg. will have its own logo, while will have a different logo

Hey @james.cullen!

Good question and usecase actually! Let me do some research and get back to you with what I find!

Looking at our docs on customising the logo, there’s only info about setting the one you want:

It’s unlikely that it will be possible to distinguish the subdomain but let me confirm it with our product team!

Discussed it with a few of co-workers and it seems like there is no way to adjust the logo based on the subdomain. I highly encourage you to report it as feedback to our product team as a feature request as it would be really helpful in some cases.

Here’s our feedback site:

Thanks a lot for that!

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Hi James,

Will the same users be able to log-in to each of those white labeled apps, or are you going to have a user database for each app?



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