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I was wondering if it is possbile to have a non-Auth0 tenant’s logo appear in the authenticator app? I.e. is it possible to add a field that will have the logo appear in the Guardian app, the same way for instance GitHub has their logo in the app

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Customizing the logo that appears in the authenticator app, such as Auth0’s Guardian app, typically depends on the capabilities provided by the service itself. For Auth0, the customization options for branding are usually within the confines of the Auth0 tenant settings.

For non-Auth0 tenants, the ability to customize the logo in the Guardian app or similar authenticator apps is not commonly supported as a standard feature. This is because the logo displayed is often tied to the service provider’s configuration and not the client’s.

That said, there are ways to customize the login page and other branding elements using the Auth0 branding editor. This would allow you to set your own logo for the login page, but it may not affect the logo shown in the Guardian app.

If you’re looking to have a custom logo appear in an authenticator app for a non-Auth0 tenant, you might need to explore whether the app provides a mechanism for such customization or if there’s an API available that allows you to set branding elements. If such functionality is not available, you may need to reach out to the app’s support team or consider developing a custom authenticator app that meets your branding requirements.

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Looks like I’ll have to reach out to the app team

Thanks for the help

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