Application Logo only shows in the dashboard and not doing authentication on devices

Hi. I have set this field:

(I am hiding the actual logo URL here).

I see a logo in the dashboard at

But when users try to login using Auth0, they are still getting this logo: image

Why is that?

Maybe same issue as here? Are you customizing the login page / have that toggle turned on?

I can’t tell from that question whether native apps are covered. I don’t see where the Classic Universal Login Page and themes they refer to are located.

Referring to the Auth0 Dashboard > Universal Login > Login tab > [ ] Custom Login Page

Native apps are covered in the same way if you’re using the redirect flow (default / recommended) as opposed to an embedded flow.

If you’re using the iOS Native flow (embedded), then (I believe) the logo configuration doesn’t come from the logo configuration in the Auth0 dashboard, however I’m not familiar with the iOS SDK myself.