Multiple Customization for the same New Universal Login Page

I would introduce the New Universal Login to the application of the company where I work.
This app can be reached directly by its URL (ie by the customers, but also by a CNAME (ie which is pointing to, because there is a sort of reselling of the service offered by this app.
For that reason, I would have the Universal Login Page customized differently for each domain that one could use to reach the application: different logos and different color schemes.

Did anyone have this requirement?
Is this configuration supported by Auth0?

Thanks in advance.


I don’t have the same requirement but I think you can achieve this by using Custom Query Parameters. For example, it would be good to send Moreover, it is possible to directly manipulate the DOM after it is rendered on the Auth0 side by embedding a JavaScript code in the ULP. Though it may be a hacky solution that is not officially supported.

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