Client Logo in Hosted Page lock widget?

I have multiple clients, each should display their own logo in the Hosted Login Page.

Is there any way I can pull this in from the Client Settings? I tried console logging out the config in the hosted login script and I don’t see the Client Logo anywhere.


I don’t believe there’s any built-in support for this in the hosted login page; there is however support for this in the consent screen ( I believe the reasoning here would be that the hosted login page should present a single branding that is associated with your service and not so much individual applications within the service while the consent dialog is indeed specific to the application requesting consent (granted that if the applications in question are all first-party you may even not be showing the consent screen in the first place).

Would it be possible to pass the client logo url as part of the config sent to the hosted page?

    var config = JSON.parse(decodeURIComponent(escape(window.atob('@@config@@'))));

If the client logo is available there it would be easy to configure the lock logo based on this URL.

It would be technically possible, but not aligned with what I mentioned before about the notion above that the hosted login page should not be branded by client application, but by the service to which it is associated.

For example, if you service you would have an Auth0 tenant like and ideally you would have a custom domain that points to so that the URL end-users see when accessing the hosted login page is in your own TLD.

With this in mind, the branding of the login page should be all about the service Example and not about a particular client application that is defined within that service. It would be normal to have different client applications to handle web and native scenarios, but the brand should still reflect the Example service.

I think the request is fair enough for people who want to use different applications for different internal tenants (our tenants not auth0)
so customizing the login page based on already provided application logo - sounds like very nice feature ( i need this feature as well)
instead of customizing the hosted page to get the logo by convention of the client id from somewhere
for example http://some.cdn/applogos/<client_id>.png

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