Google Workspace Configuration Error "The Google Admin SDK needs to be enabled for this application"

Problem statement

A Google Workspace connection has been configured in a tenant, as described in Connect Your App to Google Workspace .

When the ‘Continue’ link in the ‘Setup’ tab of the connection is clicked, it results in the following error:

{“error”:“provisioning_api_denied_or_disabled”,“error_description”:“The Google Admin SDK needs to be enabled for this application and the Google Apps domain needs to have API Access enabled.”}


Missing or incorrect configuration item(s).


Ensure that the Google Admin SDK is configured and that API Access is enabled:

  1. Create an application in Auth0:
  1. Setup the app in Google console: refer to
  1. In order to connect to Google Workspace enterprise domains, it is necessary to enable the Admin SDK Service:
  1. Register a new application in Google Workspace:
  1. Create a connection:
  1. When configuring the connection, make sure the required Extended attributes are selected.