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Google social login in no longer supported by Auth0.js v7?



Hi, i’m working in a Unity app and I use a webview plugin, that contains a Single-Page app. This SPA does the social login of google with Auth0.js v7.

My question is, google authentication will no longer supported by Auth0.js v7?

Any help will be appreciated


We are moving away from the web view approach and moving towards the industry standard way of doing this using “native browsers” in case of unity you’ll need to use an alternative for SafariViewController and Chrome Custom Tabs to open the page and everything will work the same way it does as of now.


Abhishek thanks for your answer and i’m sorry for the delay in my response.

Google showed a warning sign before, but now it does not show it. Was there any change?


Nope thats probably just google not showing, please refer to for a complete answer :slight_smile: although its applicable to Cordova you should be able to achieve that in Xamarin / Unity etc.


Ok, thanks again. Appreciate your help. Saludos