Auth0 Social Login Issue (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn)

I’m currently working in Auth0 with React JS. On click of the login button user has been redirected to the login page which is correct? but when the user clicks on the social media logins like (google, facebook, linkedin…) they are basically getting the below error

Error : OAuth2Strategy requires a clientID option

This error was not there previously when I worked on earlier with my application. but I’m currently facing this issue. Do I’ve to configure something in code snippets

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Hi @AbdYashar07,

Are you seeing this with every type of social connection, or just one specific connection?

Also, can you please confirm if you are using Auth0’s developer keys (you may want to set up your own keys, if this is the case).

Hi @dan.woda,

Actually that is server issue of Auth0 itself. It’s now working as expected.


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Thanks for letting us know.

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