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Launch Webview manually for social Sign in in android


I found out this article on Auth0 about iOS, it launches the webview or browser for social sign in, with custom API. Is there something like this available for android.

I have searched a lot but unable to find out some thing like this for android


Hey there @Naofilms!

I have no experience in Android but judging by one of our articles:

Starting April 20, 2017 , it will no longer allow OAuth requests to Google via embedded browsers, otherwise known as web views. if that’s what you’re asking for.

In addition to what you asked, you can also find this helpful as a reference point:

Hope it will help some way!


Thanks @konrad.sopala. I am using WebAuthProvider to initiate the google sign in page. I get result in Credentials class, but Credentials does not have code_verifier and code fields.

In the above mentioned blog, auth0 providing a direct URL launching mechanism in iOS to perform login operation. Is there any way in android to perform login task without using WebAuthProvider