Google SignUp/SignIn (only)


for my application I want users to signUp/signIn with their Google account.

Looks like that atm (ignore the FB login)

when I ckick the google signIn the following screen appeares.
Is it possible to change “weiter zu” (“continue to”) to “continue to”?

Then when I select an account I get redirected to my application and am logged in. So far so good.

But I want to add another step here. As an Example I’m attaching a screenshot from the twitter login with Google account.

Here the user has to confirm that he wants to signIn to “”.
I also want to add this step to the login/signup process of my application.
Furthermore in the twitter example, there are two links. I also want to add these two links.

In the end it should be GDPR confirm.
Can I achieve all of that with Auth0?

Hi @mikamanelka ,

To change the domain,, you’ll need to configure a custom domain, and ensure you configure the connection without using the Auth0 developer keys.

To add additional detail in the login process through the google connection, you’ll need to look at the options provided by Google. If you follow the Installation instructions here in the Google Marketplace integration, you’ll be directed to making a Google Developer Account and registering the App there. With your Developer Account you’ll be able to make further configurations for the login process,

Hope this helps!

Thx for the response! I’ll try it