Getting Error: Failed Verification Email - This account is already verified


I have a use case to re verify the user after certain period of time, and for the same I am using Auth0 management api (api/v2/tickets/email-verification) to generate a verification ticket and an email with this ticket is sent out to the user via SES email provider. Email sending works fine but in the Auth0 logs the error is prompted - “Failed Verification Email - This account is already verified”.

Just to add, initially when the user is created in Auth0, a verification email is sent out via Auth0 template and user verifies it successfully.

Does anyone know why I am getting this error and how can I possibly prevent it?


Hi @jeena.kurian

If you check the tenant logs, you should be able to see the verification event. Are there two?


There are two logs but it is not of the same type.

  • Success Verification Email Request (the verification email sent successfully)
  • Failed Verification Email (user clicks link and failed)

Hi @jeena.kurian

Is it possible the user was already verified?

Can you reproduce this easily?


Hello @john.gateley,

Yes… As i had mentioned in the topic, initially when the user is created in Auth0, the user verifies himself through the verification email.

But is it not correct to use the EmailVerificationTicket in more use cases? I guess then I will have to try by setting the “email_verified” to false every time I issue a new verification email correct?

Hi @jeena.kurian
I missed that about the user first verifying.
This is by design, though if you want to make a request for better behavior use:
Options I can think of include not sending if the user is already verified, or sending AND marking the user not verified.

In your case, you can implement either of those: either don’t send if the user is verified, or send but mark the user as not verified. I recommend the former.


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Thanks @john.gateley … I have already raised a support ticket for the same. Will try it out and check…

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