Getting 400 in Signup and not even able to create user in user-management

I am trying to signup with production environment. Its giving me 400 and in the url response getting html document.
The data is going to auth0 if i try to login with same data i am able to do that.
The signup process is not getting completed

Hi @mrutunjay,

I have investigated your tenant logs and found the Failed Signup attempts in the logs and noticed that it is throwing the “Request to Webtask exceeded allowed execution time” error.

This error can happen when one of the Extensibility features could not finish execution in time.

On your production tenant, I found that the “Domain Based Registration v1” action is responsible for the error. Take note that each execution of a flow must complete in 20 seconds or less or the processing will end in an error. (Reference: Actions Limitations)

Given that, I recommend reviewing your Domain Based Registration v1 Action script’s configuration to ensure the settings are correct.

Then, to troubleshoot further, you could use the Real-time Webtask Logs Extension to display all the logs related to your authentication pipeline and find the error in your script that is failing to complete execution.


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