Trouble with sign up during auth0 evaluation

I am implementing a serverless stack application with API and react frontend. I have been able to get login to work with a pre-existing user, however the “sign up” results in an 400 error returned from the POST to The body of the response mentions “InternalExtensibilityError”

I had suspected that the issue was the authorization extension so I disabled all of the rules I had enabled. I still get the same error.

How can I continue to debug this issue, where can I find logs to follow this issue to a solution?

Hi @brian7,

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Can you please post the full error log?

Hi @dan.woda thanks for following. In the meantime I discovered that there was a script attached to a hook that was failing during signup. After I disabled that hook/rule it all works well. Thanks again.

Great! I am going to mark this resolved. Thanks for the follow up.

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