Error: cannot POST https://[tenant] (400)

I already remove all rules & hooks, but still get this error when signup:

Request URL: https://[tenant]
Request Method: POST
Status Code: 400
Remote Address:
cf-request-id: 07e005f81f0000c6b8b3ba4000000001

Hi @kientv,

When you go to your logs from your Auth0 dashboard, do you see the failed API call? There may be a helpful message there.

Thanks @stephanie.chamblee

This is my log in dashboard:

message: "{"fromSandbox":true,"statusCode":400}"

I see, “Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined”… Are you using Universal Login? Also, what SDK are you using?

I’m using universal login.

Does this occur when you use the “Try it out” link from the “Getting Started” tab in your dashboard?

Would you mind sending me your tenant name in a private message so that I can take a look at the settings? Thanks!

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To follow up, we were able to find the solution in a DM conversation!

The “Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined” was thrown because of a custom DB get-users script.

Updated a line from user = body.items[0] to user = body.items.length && body.items[0]

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