Generic error for some android device

I have a strange error with this detail message:

" invalid_request : You may have pressed the back button, refreshed during login, opened too many login dialogs, or there is some issue with cookies, since we couldn’t find your session. Try logging in again from the application and if the problem persists please contact the administrator."

The strange thing is about the situation. This error happen just on my personal android (I nevers seen it on other tested devices) just for Google auth and not on private mode. So I clean my cache, cookie etc on my android chrome and nothing :frowning:

Do you have a solution ?

Hey there @quentinchap, welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Let me look into this and see what I can find and will get back to you. Thanks!

Following up @quentinchap I am not seeing anything on our side that would break for one specific device in this fashion. What version of android and chrome are you running? Is it the latest? Any additional details you can share on this front can help. Thanks!

Sorry i was forgot this topic and I’ve create a new one with more information.