General security question - different host servers

Business owner here, not a technologist. The setup I want is for our SSO to accommodate a Wordpress learning site hosted at WP Engine with a custom PHP app hosted elsewhere (Vultr).

I was able to get this setup configured and functional, but a technology advisor is telling me that such a dual-server arrangement opens up “massive security vulnerabilities.”

Can I get some insights / thoughts on this from those more knowledgeable than I about these matters?

Many thanks in advance for any help!


Hi @russell1,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Generally, you should be able to achieve what you are describing. I can’t speak directly to Vultr and WP Engine, but you should be able to SSO across the two applications even if they aren’t hosted on the same provider.

edit: This advice is fairly general given we don’t have an intimate understanding of your applications. Working with a professional is always recommended if you aren’t confident in setting up your application.

Hope this helps.

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