Custom Domain - Now SSO doesn't actually work anymore

I just set up a custom domain and added two new applications to the tenent (wordpress using the Auth0 plugin).

Both new sites have been configured with the exact same settings as previous wordpress sites, but a user going from our main Auth0 enabled site isn’t automatically logged in to the new sites.

I’ve tried everything I can think of. I even removed Auth0 from one of the original Wordpress sites and reinstalled it. And now that one wont work with cross-site login either.

What am I doing wrong?

Edit: The problem seems to be that it will remember the user between sites, provided the application was created in Auth0 after the custom domain was created. But only if you go from one site to the /login of the next. For example:

  • Sign in on with Auth0, then go to = it works (i.e. it logs you in and takes you to the homepage)
  • Sign in on with Auth0, then go to = doesn’t work (i.e. it gives a "not logged in message)

I have implemented the same SSO idea based on auth0, a mobile app and two wordpress sites.
But I used the same Auth0 app for all of them, and I think it is required for the SSO u want.
Why did you create two apps?

Hi, thanks for the above. It may be that I’ve misunderstood how it all should work. In its previous set up I had an app for each of the separate websites all under the same tenant. It worked fine, but the custom domain has caused it all to break.

I’ll try getting them all to work from the same app. I take it you have all your URLs listed in the main app setting? E.g. callback etc

It didn’t work for me. I think the whole point of having multiple applications (per site or service) is that it allows a user to move between them without having to sign on, rather than a single application for multiple websites.

I think this is why you can add multiple apps under the same tenant.

Ok, so I’ve made progress. The use of a custom domain where the TLD was the same as for 3 of the wordpress sites, but not for the 4th non-wordpress site mean that it does work across the different top level domains.

The only solution I have found is to remove the custom domain and have all 4 working off the Auth0 domain.

Really annoying, since it will cost me about EUR400 to change the 4th website’s domain and SSL (the company hosting it charge a lot).

Does anyone know how to make a custom domain ( work with both wordpress sites (that have / / work seamlessly with another site that is