Help! SSO w/ multiple Wordpress sites & 3rd party apps?

Newbie Question I’m sure, but can’t find any answers so far. I have finally setup one dev ($mbr) site and appear to be migrating users from WP#1 > Auth0 database. Want to do same for 2nd dev ($mbr LMS) site & a separate 3rd party application such that users from each site can access opposite site and/or 3rd party app. I have both WP 1&2 using the same API in the same tenant.

Q1) Can I migrate users from WP#1, WP#2 and 3rd Party into same common Auth0 database OR do I need to set up separate databases for each application?

Q2) What happens if users have different roles in WP #1 vs WP #2? (ie admin in 1, user in 2)