Format for "default audience" must be URI. But API Identified can be standard string

It is explained that the default audience in tenant settings should be an API identifier. An API identifier can be a string like “my-cool-api” but the default audience only accepts a string in the format of a uri. So if I wanted the default audience to be “my-cool-api” I would see the error ““Default Audience” must be a valid uri”.

I am confused by this inconsistency. Could someone shed some light on this?

Hi @warrenjday,

As it says when you are creating the API:

We recommend using a URL but note that this doesn’t have to be a publicly available URL, Auth0 will not call your API at all. This field cannot be modified.

Do you have a use-case where it needs to be a non-uri string?

Hey Dan, no use-case, I was just wondering why a non-url format would ever be allowed here if it cannot be used elsewhere.

As you mention it is the recommendation so i’ll go ahead and create a new API with a new URL-like id.

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