Way to set the "Default Audience" for an Application

We have an SPA that is secured using auth0 and which accesses a single API, served from the same host as the SPA files itself (audience=https://dev.api.com).

I am trying to configure Power Automate to consume this API using OAuth2, but Power Automate does not allow me to specify an audience when configuring the OAuth2 connection, with the result that the access token that is retrieves is an opaque access token about 32 characters long rather than the JWT that is required to access my API. I can get this working by specifying a “Default Audience” of “https://dev.api.com” in my auth0 tenant but this will not be acceptable for our client’s production environment as multiple applications make use of the same tenant. Are there any plans to allow a “Default Audience” to be specified on an Application instead/as well as at the Tenant level?

Hi @aradice.truenorthit,

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I don’t see the option to set an application level default audience on our roadmap or in our idea backlog. You can suggest it here. I would also be happy to suggest it on your behalf if you provide me with an email in a direct message.

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