Forgot Password Not working for Tenant Members

Problem statement

To have all the tenant members use email/password instead of Google accounts to log in, the google-oauth2 users were removed from the tenant members list, re-added, and instructed to select the email option through the invitation.

During this process, the users are prompted to input their password, which they do not have for the email address, so they click “Forgot password” in the login form to reset/set a new password. However, a password reset email never arrives in their inbox.

Is there a better method for getting tenant members switched to email/password?


If the reinvited tenant members haven’t signed up with an email/password account, they will have to create their account before accepting the invite to the tenant, as mentioned in this documentation:

When the invited user clicks the link to accept the invitation, they will be asked to log in with the invited email address. They can then choose whether to log in with a social provider or to log in with their email address and password. If they choose to log in with their email address and password, they must have already created an account with Auth0, or they will need to sign up first and then accept the invitation again.”