Forgot about my account details related to a specific client identifier

A long time ago I created an account mypleaks, but right now I forgot with which email id I had logged in at that time and created this account.

I still have a client unique identifier associated with that account. Is there any way to recover account details like email id (with which I had logged in to create this client) using client unique identifier?

A client application identifier is not considered confidential information so it would not be sufficient to make any statement in relation to ownership.

Unless you use a huge amount of email identifiers something you can do immediately is to try to login with each possibility (in terms of external identity providers that would be GitHub, Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft accounts) or try to reset the password for the email (if you believe you might have registered with a custom password).

In general, the most common issue that leads to the situation you described is doing the login with the incorrect external provider. For example, you registered your account while being logged in through GitHub and you’re now trying to login with Google or Microsoft.

thnx @jmangelo, it worked. I had logged in with github account and I have forget about it. Now I have recovered it. thank you very much for the suggestion.