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I’m developing a Flutter app, and I am targeting both iOS and Android in a single code base. As I follow the Flutter package documentation it talks about adding the callback urls to my Auth0 App.

Go to the settings page of your Auth0 application and add the corresponding URL to Allowed Callback URLs and Allowed Logout URLs , according to the application target you want to run.

Do I enter both my Android callback urls and iOS callback urls into a single Auth0 Application, or do I create an Auth0 app for Android and another one for iOS?

There may be an opportunity to make this clearer.

  1. The ApplicationSettingsApplicationURIsAllowed Callback URLs implies that you can specify multiple urls, so this makes me think I enter in both my iOS and Android (and web) callback urls and schemes
  2. On the page I quoted above it seems to imply (“according to the application target you want to run”) that I have to put one value in for iOS and change that value if I am targeting Android. That wouldn’t work if I have two platforms which is why I was beginning to think I need two Auth0 apps.
  3. The official docs seem to imply you use multiple callback urls primarily for different environments, but no mention of platforms.

    You can specify multiple valid URLs by comma-separating them (typically, to handle different environments like QA or testing).

  4. I’m not sure if I should ignore this Flutter example as it is 2 years old, but it has been updated 3 months ago and goes along with a somewhat current Auth0 Blog Post. It doesn’t use the new auth0_flutter library, but it has a lot more content regarding this callback url including what seems to be a single entry (com.auth0.flutterdemo://login-callback) for both platforms. Is the idea to use a single callback url which will work on both iOS and Android?

Hi @oravecz,

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Thanks for reaching out with this question. I am going to speak with our team and get you an answer. I’ll post here when I have an update, thank you!

Hi again @oravecz,

I spoke with our team and they recommended registering separate applications for Android and iOS.