How to handle redirect_uri dynamically for multiple mobile apps under one Auth0 application

We’re working on a mobile SDK, after the developer integrates our mobile SDK, they’ll be able to use a universal login function. And we’d like to use Auth0’s Universal Login to do the login function.

When we integrate Auth0 Universal Login for one specific mobile App, we need to manually set Allowed Callback URLs and Allowed Logout URLs in the application’s settings for that specific app, which seems OK.

But things becomes complicated when we need to handle the App settings for a group of Apps dynamically, questions:

  1. What can we do to handle/update the Allowed Callback URLs and Allowed Logout URLs dynamically when a new developer registers our mobile SDK? Is there any API that we can call in the background?

  2. Is it possible to set the Allowed Callback URLs and Allowed Logout URLs to one central place for a group of mobile apps then we handle the redirections in that central place?

  3. I also thought maybe we can integrate Auth0 on the website, then we show the login webpage in a webview in all mobile apps and handle the mobile app redirections from there. Is it recommended?

Hope to get help ASAP! Thank you for the support!