Single login app for multiple applications


I am trying to create a login app for multiple applications. Here’s the scenario:

What was done:

When user lands on protected page in, user is redirected to error page with the following error message:
unauthorized_client : Callback URL mismatch. is not in the list of allowed callback URLs

Do I have this setup/configured correctly?


Hey there @imad,

For each of your applications in Auth0 tenant, there is a need to set The callback URLs pointing back to the specific application URL. (It still means they all have the same Login page.).

As an example, if you want to let your users to log in into, once they are authenticated by Auth0 server, the will be redirected to this application, so the callback url must be ttps://

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Hey @marcelina.barycka ,

thank you so much for your response, that makes sense. I am just a bit lost in terms of how I force users of to redirect to Do I need to configure the Tenant Login URI to point to the auth app?



Hey there,

Once you’ve registered apps on your auth0 tenant, you can start building the integration on your app stack level, optionally leveraging auth0-supported libraries that, among others, builds the required routes for the authentication. For your run environment, providing Auth0 configuration variables, like the auth0 domain (and a few others), is required.
I encourage you to review the documentation for your specific use case. Here’s an example on how to do so step by step for a regular node js web app with Express framework, utilising the express-openid-connect package.

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