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Flutter and Auth0

+1 - Auth0 with SMS code and Flutter.
We did use Xamarin and are currently heading towards Flutter.
We have a native IOS app - but would like to investigate a proper cross-platform solution

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Thanks a lot for providing that context @sadgit!

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+1 for the Flutter support!

Give Flutter even more love!

Ported Auth0 SPA Sdk to Angular Dart. It has been a lot more work than expected.
+1 for Flutter support !

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Wooow congrats and at the same time sorry that you need to wait for so long for Flutter support!

+1 for flutter support.

Iā€™d like to use auth0 in a new app my team is building, but lack of support can be a deal breaker.

Are there any news regarding its support or any ETA? Is it even on the roadmap?

Thanks a lot for the +1 @royibernthal!

Iā€™m constantly relaying the feedback you provide here to our SDK team. I want to have a meeting with them by the end of October so I can gather a little bit more feedback and then see what their plans our regarding Flutter having in mind all the feedback you provided here.

+1 for the Flutter support!

Thanks a lot @dalssoft for that! We will let you know soon everyone about the progress of the whole thing!