Flexibility to choose the default MFA option

Feature: Flexibility to the clients to choose the default option for MFA

Description: Today when we enable MFA, Auth0 chooses the most secured one as default and let users choose the other ones if they don’t want to setup the default one. For an example, when we enabled SMS and Authenticator as two options for MFA, it present Authenticator to all of our users and they have to click on a link to see other options. This has been causing churn as Authenticator is more friendly for power users and not for regular users. So, if clients have flexibility to choose a particular 2FA as default, in this case, we would have let our customers see SMS first and then can choose Authenticator if they want.

Use-case: Tell us what you are building. How would the feedback/feature improve your experience? Above description should cover the use case as well.

Hi @suresh.pragada,

Thank you for your Feedback! Let’s hope this feature attracts many votes!

Have a great rest of your day.